October 1, 2010

Japanese Culture with RPGHero

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of cell phone straps are??

Today's post on Japanese culture is about cell phone straps.

There are some in America that rock the cell phone strap on their phone but it is nowhere near the level of cell phone strap usage seen in Japan. Business men, mothers, children, teenagers, old people, macho men, kawaii (cute) girls, all of these people can be found carrying cell phone straps in Japan. Not just teenagers like in America.

So the answer as to what purpose they serve?
The answer is that they serve any purpose. That's right, you heard me. They serve any purpose fitting to the person carrying the strap on their cellie. And let me tell you, the different types of cell phone straps are evidence of this.

If you look in our first picture you'll see for yourself. Look closer and you'd see that it's a cactus growing in a small vial?!?! Wierd right? Well the idea was most likely perfected by a Japanese man or woman. Wouldn't you want to be the lucky person with a cacti attached to your cell phone?

Popular among Japanese youth are the straps that personify their favorite anime or manga character.

The cast of One Piece in cell phone strap form!

Do you all remember my very first post on Otaku Reviewers? It was about a power stone good luck charm! I bought this:

It's called "good luck in relationships". Once I put it on my cell phone people started texting me out of the blue and my friends noticed it when they saw it. It was like magic, but that has since broke. The next cell phone strap I'll buy is going to be the ultimate!!!

But lets check out other good luck straps.

This one is called: The Beckoning Cat.
Japanese folklore holds that a cat beckoned to a Japanese emperor or something and he had such good luck that he got through misfortune and was hence lucky. That's why you see these in Asian stores EVERYWHERE! They say that a beckoning paw toward a person or shop can attract luck and a beckoning paw away from something can cause bad luck to be shoo'ed away.

This picture combines EVERYTHING! It combines cuteness, a lucky diety costume, a cat, and a cartoon idol. HELLO KITTY!

Well I could go on and on providing descriptions of different, the oh so many, different cell phone straps of Japan.

If you'd like to see them for yourself go to
Click the link above

Strapyaworld is a Japanese company that translated their wares for sale in America. So it basically has every strap EVER! So... if you have a hook on your phone or a phone cover that has a cranny, it wouldn't hurt to accessorize!

(There you have it, an info post. Rather than a cool and random video. *can you see how I'm trying to redeem my future* And I did say before the morning...)

They even have a strap that's supposed to show you the colors within your aura for the day. Is it cool or hoax?!

They even have one that detects ghosts!

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