February 25, 2010

Our Definition of Diesel

Sorry guys I forgot to give you a definition of diesel in my last post. The dictionary definition of diesel is: an engine in which air is compressed to a temperature sufficiently high to ignite fuel injected into the culinder where the combustion and expansion actuate a piston. Yada-yada-ya.

Diesel engines are commonly used in Mack trucks and if you ever got hit by a Mack truck it would be an intense moment... A diesel moment in anime is like that, but getting hit by a Mack truck transporting COOLNESS in its hull!

UPDATE:   A DIESEL moment is not a sad moment it's a moment where a character STAKES his past against his future and CHANGE happens, usually for the better no matter the COST.

Here are a few moments in anime that are considered DIESEL!

There are many more but this one is one of the best:

If you have any diesel moments feel free to post the below, we'll give you props! They don't even have to be from shounen anime!

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