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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rant by RPGhero!

Hi guys! RPGhero here, with another rant about how my life and anime intersect.

I've actually been wanting to write this rant for ages and it's actually been disguised as an Otaku Helping Others post, the one about finding a job. In that rant, I wrote about how anime is forward thinking when it comes to finding work and making it in society.

The post I actually wanted to write was geared to the daily grind in anime. In lots of different anime, the main characters aren't that well off. In fact, they struggle from day to day, working small-time part time jobs just to survive. That is, when they're not doing things like saving the world or dating a goddess.

Kimimaro taking a break from cashiering, talking to his friend
In "C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control", the main character, Kimimaro is entrusted with the entity that is his future and allowed to duel the entities of other person's futures to gain "The Money of Soul and Possibility Control". But... why is he still working at a convenience store?????? Really?

If I was dueling for that kind of money (The Money of Soul and Possibility Control), I'd quit my part-time job and see what that could do for winning the lottery lol.

In "Ah! My Goddess", the main character, Keichi meets a Goddess and wishes that she'll stay with him forever. As time goes on she allows him to date her and then guess what else happens... They both work at the same convenience store together. Even Keichi knows something's wrong with that because he's always saying sorry but the weirder part is that the goddess, Belldandy, likes working at a convenience store. I can't find any pictures of that, but you'll just have to watch the entire anime to find that out lol.

I'm sure there are dozens more anime where this happens, where one of the characters works part time. I always like seeing it because I work part time, but if I was ever like Keichi or Kimimaro, I wouldn't be.

So this weekend is NYCC and NYAF. But I wouldn't know that because I don't have enough money to go this year. I hear this is going to be the last year that NYAF is a part of NYCC. I wonder where it will go, will it disappear. Will it dry up in the sun or will it fester like in Langston Hughes, Dream Deferred. I'm not sure what will become of New York's only anime convention. Surely, it won't become a nameless outgrowth of NYCC, because that would suck. I hope they try to make another, bigger, better, larger Anime Con in New York. One that actually has a dance or a rave, like Otakon and Anime Expo. Otakon's rave is also the best, there's none like it by the way.

One other thing I want to mention. Usually everytime I do this, I ask you if you'd like a drink from Harrison Ford. However, this isn't any drink he's offering you. He's offering you Kirin Lager Beer. For those of us, 21 and over. I'd recommend trying Kirin Lager, it'll be one of the best beers you've ever tasted. During my convention travels last summer, I've had it quite a few times.... Well you're probably not 21 yet so I'll stop and introduce you to Harrison Ford once again...
And yes, this is because summer is over!

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