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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Casshern Sins! Sins Never Looked So Thoughtful!

You might have turned on your Netflix streaming account, and if you're an anime fan you probably also saw the show Casshern Sins in one of the Anime categories. You were probably expecting lots of sins and some kind of Casshern but mostly lots of sins.

Well my opinion of Casshern Sins is very abstract, just like the show itself. Oftentimes when watching Casshern Sins, I wondered if the events that were happening actually happened or if they were symbolic of something in the larger scheme of the plot. Sometimes I just told myself that it didn't matter if it was either. The events were organized well enough that it didn't really matter. But if you start wondering out of the blue why things are happening, attribute it to the show's wonderfully abstract plot.

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Ah yes, the plot surrounds a post-apocalyptic world. The apocalypse in this world is man-made, as humans have polluted the world so much that the only things that could survive were cyborg robots and advanced humans. The story follows a cyborg named Casshern who killed another cyborg named Luna which started a chain events leading to the ruin of the world, making it unliveable by humans and robots alike.
Casshern and Luna
Casshern himself was created to be a fighting cyborg and one of the most advanced on his world. There are other advanced robots like Casshern and the story follows their lives and their relationship with Casshern. Some of them want revenge against him for setting the world on the course of destruction. Some want him to succeed and find a purpose in life. Others want to use him for his fighting strength.

The most important thing about the plot though, it that Casshern himself is the most thoughtful robot/cyborg/whatever I've ever seen. He calls his past a sin, he calls his existence a sin, he'd call his own mom a sin if he could. The point is that, for a cyborg with the most fighting power in the world, he acts like a teenager who got into an accident with their dad's car. Did I mention that he's thoughtful? Because if you watch Casshern Sins, you will know what I'm talking about.

Casshern and the cheerful toddler!!!
I would recommend this anime, if you want to think about life's meaning. Every episode is fraught with characters talking their eventual death and ruin. There's few smiles and few jokes in this anime. There is however a toddler who brings joy to the show, BUT WHY?!? You'll have to find out for yourself when you watch this show.

Personally I didn't like the ending, but it will make you think. Just like everything else in the show, but i made me think more about the characters that I would have liked to see live. A perfect must watch for every cynic and realist.
Casshern and his love interest

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